Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zee Boudoir

I jump around on projects, I must admit.  I now have the funds to paint the Den and I've decided to stick with Knoxville Gray.  There is only one hour a day that I don't like the color so I'll just leave the house then.  Painting probably won't happen for a "couple" of days so in the meantime, let's visit the Master Bedroom or actually, just the bed.

That would be Benjamin Moore's Bittersweet color behind the headboard.  LOVE!  It would look like liquid chocolate except for the wallpaper bubbles.  Mr. Landlord took the easy way out on that one.  The light blue is Sherwin William's Oyster Bay.  I've seen this color in three different rooms and it has looked different every time!  Just a heads up.

Nice little vignette over there on the table, huh?  That's my husband's side and it rarely looks like that.

I am very happy with our headboard but not as happy as when we finally got the bed up off the floor and onto a frame!  We were very Bohemian for about 7 months.  The pillow is a little tattered, but I will keep it because it reminds me of when I would change Jack's diaper and he would pull on the fringe...awww! This little corner is complete except for whatever window covering I finally decide to make.  Tomorrow, I will share another corner and then you'll have to wait til I finish the Den before I jump back to finish the bedroom.  Thanks for humoring me!


Martha said...

Although I prefer Vintage at Linderhof, I do like your headboard!

Merisi said...

Love that lived-through-rough-times-fringed pillow, such a treasure.