Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bon Jour Jean Claude!

Here is yet another icon at the Ranch. No matter how many times we've moved and lightened the load, some things absolutely must "come with." I bought this little guy at an antique store in Edmond, Oklahoma and hauled his extremely heavy personage all the way back to Tennessee. I apologize again for the bad lighting, still no sun..............Oh they tell me of an uncloudy day!

Such a serene expression. You would never know he is sometimes ruthlessly subjected to holiday and party attire.

This is an older post that somehow disappeared from the blog.  I'm still a novice at this.  I can't bear the thought that Jean Claude was somehow forgotten.  So, with your indulgence, allow me to share him with you again.  It makes that post about Ruth a little more clear.  By the way, she has a home on the back patio guarding pots of spring flowers.

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