Saturday, March 27, 2010

Isn't she........PRETTY IN PINK?

Here is the latest arrival to The Ranch.   This diva bunny is bestowed to women in a time of crisis.  I had a "crisis" but nothing compared to the other gals who were helped by this garishly cute and a little bit frightening, bunny. My loved ones are all  present and accounted for and ya know.......that's all I need. To my are amazing women.  Your friendship has made all the difference.  Onward and upward!

Her eyes follow you..........creepy.  Those teeth give her a rather predatorial look.  Predatorial's not a word?  IT SHOULD BE.

A bit deranged I think.  Obviously in need of some hormone replacement therapy!

Thanks again, Amy and SuRu!  Oh, and the bunny has been telling tales about you both!


From the Kitchen said...

What a great idea! A special "something" to hand off to loved ones in times of special needs. Hope it helped/helps.


D.B. said...

Thanks Bonnie. All is well now.