Monday, March 22, 2010

Yellow and Blue

Even though the cold, gray weather moved back in yesterday, we are expecting sunshine and warm weather tomorrow and for the rest of the week!   In the meantime, I am enjoying my "dining area."  Please notice the new light fixture, another Overstock bargain.  It puts the previous one to shame (re: Lana Turner Blog for a peek at the original light).

There's a bit more work to be done to this area if I can talk my husband into it.  I would love some applied molding on that back wall.   Perhaps some sconce lighting on either side of the painting?  Lastly, all you blue and white fans, please don't get upset, but I'm thinking of slipcovers for the wing backs in a white twill for the summer.  I know, I'm never gonna get up the nerve to attempt it so the point is moot.

Happy Blue Monday.  Please join Smiling Sally for more visions in blue.


Manang Kim said...

OMG where did you get this beautiful vases. My first time to see these kind I so love it. Thanks for sharing! Happy Monday!

MYM=Bird or chicken?
Macro Monday~ The bud

Joops said...


Better late than never, my Blue Monday, have a good day!

Sally said...

How about painting that back wall a navy blue? Happy Blue Monday.

Martha said...

I'm drooling (did you notice) -- lovely display with those yellow flowers -- the vases spilled across the sideboard!!!!! How clever.

And I love those chairs but alas, with the colors at Linderhof they would never fit in -- so white would work.

But the picture is heavenly -- those blue and white chairs, the sideboard in the background with the blue and white vases and the flowers.

The chandelier -- perfect

But yes, you need sconces!!!!

The picture is like a 9.8 right now -- sconces would make it a perfect 10!