Monday, March 22, 2010


The sconces are out, but applied molding and paint are in as soon as we have access to scrap lumber again! Maybe Mr. Landlord will take the "improvement" off of our rent for that month.  After rummaging around the storage shed - glad the wasps are still hibernating - I unearthed these old friends.  I just need some candles and we're half way there for a wall upgrade.

I just went ahead and shot it as is.  This is what the table usually looks like anyway.  It also functions as the home office.


Martha said...

Those sconces will work -- now you are a 10!!!!

I can't believe that except for two of your blue and white pieces I think I have the exact same ones!!!!

Love the top of your sideboard -- may have to "steal" your idea -- now for a top to put it on!!!

Merisi said...

If you would live nearby, I would hire you immediately. Our apartment would love you! :-)

I have an office desk, but I always gravitate back to the dining room table. Some days I have to clear it all and then my stuff is lined up at the floor under the sideboard.

Carol said...

I love those chairs!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!

Theresa Cheek said...

The sconces add just the right amount of weight to the wall! You can never go wrong with yellow and blue (on the table) it is classic!