Friday, March 12, 2010

The Corral at the Ranch

I'm getting ready to start a huge drapery job (YAY!) so I guess I won't be painting the Den this weekend.  In the meantime, meet some of the "livestock" that always get to come along on every move.

Race horse Haynes has been a long time favorite

I got this guy at the flea market years ago.  He is always a hit at Derby/Godfather parties and has even been off to college in South Carolina.  I wonder what he has to tell me?

Some of you have already recognized this guy as a Bombay Co. purchase.  RIP Bombay Co.  Won't he look fabulous against Knoxville Gray walls.........someday?

Last, and maybe least after all, I got this one at a great shop in Nashville called William's Home Place.  I'm not sure what he is actually made of (resin?) but it doesn't occur naturally.  For some reason, I am almost compelled to spray paint him turquoise.  Oh, I'm sensing a "tablescape" comin' on!

And so, adieu from my happy "Blog Spot."   What a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon!  Have a great weekend!!!!!


Martha said...

We have a similar horse to your last one -- a bit more colorful and made of ceramic. And we have the Bombay one as well -- I like your vignette with that one -- I've got mine stuck on top of a piece of furniture -- not anything special certainly not a vignette.

Theresa Cheek said...

Thanks for finding my blog! Clever play on words with your blog title!

pamplemousse said...

Can I just move in?

From the Kitchen said...

I had to smile when I saw your post over at Martha's "place". We moved to Lubbock from La Jolla, CA in a long-ago January. Imagine our shock to find nothing in bloom. Actually, to find nothing but mesquite and tumbleweeds. Through great effort, we managed a lovely backyard "oasis". Although the landscape was barren, the people were wonderful and we remain good friends with many although we've moved on.


From the Kitchen said...

Thanks for stopping by! I haven't seen Ina in a while but have all of her cookbooks. I love her relationship with Jeffry and her home and gardens. Guess you might say I'm an Inawantabe!! Wheatberries can be a little hard to come by. I get mine at Whole Foods.


Merisi said...

That last vignette, the table with the chairs,
I'll take it as is. How much for shipping? ;-)