Friday, February 5, 2010

In Search of Ruth

I wanted to introduce you to yet another character at the Ranch that has survived seven moves so far!  Her name is Ruth and she has held many places of honor.  Usually, she resides in the entryway on a large round table to greet guests.  At one residence, she braved the elements in the great outdoors and I believe was subject to the whims of dogs.

Here she is, holding court at the Geisha Tea Party.

You'll have to look hard for her here.  She is way in the back, sunning in the much beloved and missed bay window.  Watching the snow fall through that window was quite a treat!  Perhaps you will notice Jean Claude by the fireplace.  I thought they were in a relationship, but according to her facebook status, "it's complicated."  I think that goes without saying.

And where oh where have you gone now Ruth?

No, that's not her........

Wait!  I think I see her feet...........

Yes!  Behind the golf shoes and shovel!

Poor thing was trapped under a down comforter/moving blanket!  This weekend's project will be to find Ruth a proper place at the Ranch.  A place of honor befitting her loyalty and willingness to follow me whither I goest.

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