Monday, February 8, 2010

Am I Blue? YES!

This was my Den "before".  A little bland I thought.  That gold couch has been amongst Moss Green walls in previous abodes so of course I was not content with the vanilla of the Ranch.   However, it has been a dilemma to find a color that wouldn't clash with the "lovely" brick on the wall.  Also, I have a thing for Blue and White pots and dishes, as you may have noticed, and this color really does not show them off well at all.

So I thought I had this great!  Or shall we say Knoxville Gray (officially)?

I'm less than pleased with the result.  Maybe a black glaze should be added?  And yes, I meant to make the closet door go away.  And yes, I wish I had plumped up those down cushions before taking this pic.  Perhaps after I get some stuff up on the wall it will be more palatable.  What are your thoughts?

Today's featured flower (cause I know you expect it of me now) is ...................

And here's Jack after I told him I thought he was the best artist in the world.........


Martha said...

I hate this word . . . but the blue does make the sofa "pop" --

This is my first visit and I love your site -- it's being added as a friend.

Thanks for visiting Linderhof!

D.B. said...

I know what you mean about "pop" Martha. It's right up there with adding a "little whimsy." My son tells me the new color makes the couch look JAUNTY! I'll go with that.