Friday, June 4, 2010

The Ranch Exterior

I've been putting this off because of how much I absolutely despise this brick!  Hang on to your hats all you brick die hards but if this place where mine, those bricks would be painted a lovely warm gray or taupe with bright white trim and black shutters.

And here we have a little experiment going on.......can periwinkles grow in "soil" that's 5% dirt and 95% river rock?  I'm betting "yes!"  These are the toughest flowers I've ever come across and they have yet to disappoint me.

And here, my friend Missy, who often stops by bearing cut flowers from her AMAZING garden, brought over some Spiderwort she got from another friend's house.  She and I share a botanical motto, "If you can survive and thrive, you are welcome here!"

 As you can see, even after these beauties were yanked out of their happy home, divided and sub-divided, they were showing off their morning blooms the next day!  I shall endeavor to follow their example!

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