Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meanwhile......back at you know where....

It has been brought to my attention that I have been neglecting the blog.  I am flattered that anyone has even missed it.  We re-upped for another year at the Ranch and inquired about lease purchasing the place but the answer was "No." I've just been reassessing and regrouping.

Today, I submit to you, the barn at the Ranch, otherwise known as the storage shed.

I've noticed some posts on creating an "escape" in the storage shed or creating a thing of beauty out of it.  Well, I won't go that far but I think some elephant ears would be lovely in the planters.

Here are a few other barns in my town.....

This is the favorite.  It's Cal Turner's farm (Owner of Dollar General)  It's just up the road a piece!

And just for fun, a snowy covered bridge shot from a swiftly moving vehicle.  Since not much more will be changing at the rental, expect more of these postcards.  Thanks for your continued indulgence.


From the Kitchen said...

Your outside photos look like the rolling countryside of my childhood home in Virginia. I miss that in the flat midwest!

I was reading your previous post and love the flowers. When I purchased some hydrangeas a few months ago at Whole Foods, the clerk said that if I put them in hot water, they would stay fresh much longer. I was a little leery but tried it. They stayed the way I bought them for a little over three weeks!!


D.B. said...

Oooooooh! Good tip Bonnie! Thanks!

Martha said...

love those planters!

Nancy "Sulky" said...

Hey Dana, I think your true calling is photography!! Love all your close up flower pictures and table scapes! But, now you've expanded to those beautiful landscapes, pic's of Cal Turner's farm sure brought some fond Tennessee memories!!
Miss ya,

Merisi said...

Ondolating landscapes, that's how I remember Tennessee, beautiful!

The image of the covered bridge is magical. Incredible that you were able to take it from a moving vehicle. I could not resist going back and shooting more! ;-)

Elephant ears sound about right for that urn by the barn. I expect pictures. Please. ;-)

Those landlords. Well, let me tell you, you have my sympathy.