Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Underwhelmed but maybe not for long...

This is the first year to actually attempt to decorate The Ranch for Fall.  I've been messing around but I'm not very excited with the results -



Getting there.

And.........I just can't leave this poor guy alone!

Now, the good news!  I arrived home from the car rider line to find a long awaited package on the doorstep!!  

Mary McDonald Interiors - The Allure of Style.  She and Charlotte Moss are my favorites!  Tonight's project - be inspired.  Perhaps the Fall decor will get bumped up a notch?  I'm not making any promises because I already have visions of drapery fabric dancing in my head! 


Olive Cooper said...

Who in the world cares about fall when the ranch is so beautiful already? Your entry is splendid. That large white tureen is yummy.

Anita said...

Ok Dana. First, I really think you are talented. I have seen these little glimpses into the "ranch" and I always think magazine spread. What stands out to me is everything is so authentic. No decor just for the sake of decor, which I seriously admire. Your entry way is just fabulous. The color combination is so elegant and modern and fresh. Second, I think there is more about you we do not know!! I cannot imagine being underwhelmed with any place you have put your touch!

D.B. said...

Thanks girls. I appreciate your sweet words. I'm just being restless! It happens. Looking forward to a beautiful fall day today.

Laura said...

Ok- I have Charlotte Moss's books, and I love visiting her web site, but I didn't know about her.
I am off to Amazon!

White Spray Paint

pam@pixelimpress said...

ooh, i love the entry! you're way ahead of me in the fall decorating game. i'll be happy if i put a grouping of pumpkins on the front step.

Merisi said...

Good evening!
You are making apple strudel tonight?
Wished I could come! :-)
I got home at 10pm and all I could find to eat was an old roll and butter and jam (semester started today and corses are Thurs through Sat), would love a slice of strudel.
Do you read Corey's blog? I made strudel at her house in August, here is the link
apple strudel at Corey's.
I hope you do take a picture and blog about yours!
Bon appetit,

D.B. said...

Merisi - I was going to make apple strudel til I realized it is usually a shared event between my eldest and me. We made it for the first time together for extra credit in his German I class. I have never made it without him so it would be too sad -he's in college now about 4 states away! Also, after seeing your production - forget about it! We do make our own dough but no where near your creation. Octoberfest this weekend in Nashville's Germantown! I do make a mean spaetzle!

Rebecca said...

Dana,Your fall decorations are lovely! Sometimes we just need to change things up a little. I love to decorate for fall, it's my favorite time of year. Your ranch is wonderful and I have put you on my roll. Have you seen the blog, location central.blogspot.com? It lists bloggers by state so you can get in touch if you want. Pretty cool. Love for you to visit our shop if you are ever in Mufreesboro.