Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Plan

It's finally chilly enough at night to have an evening around the fire pit.  Smores for the kids and a little cuddling with snifters for the adults.

Sunday afternoon, I hope to read To Kill A Mockingbird.  This year is it's 50th anniversary.  I love it for many reasons but mostly because it makes me think of my dad's childhood during the Depression, or his preference - The Dirty Thirties, in a Southwestern Oklahoma town.  Has anyone ever heard of Davidson, OK?  I've heard many stories about the Dust Bowl from my talented story telling father.  His own father was very much like Atticus Finch.

Now I'm going to show off a little because I am so proud of this possession.

That's right, this is a 35th anniversary edition signed by Ms. Harper Lee herself.  Unfortunately, I have never met her, but my son's kindergarten teacher grew up in Monroeville, AL - the actual Maycomb.  She was kind enough to get a signed copy for me on one of her visits home way back in 1998!  This is definitely one of my treasures that will stay with me always.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Entertaining Women said...

I've been through Davidson many time as I drive to Lubbock, Texas. It's just south of Frederick, Oklahoma. It's quite tiny. I'm trying to remember if there is a stop light. My daddy grew up in Waurika, Oklahoma; my mama grew up in Hollis, Oklahoma. I grew up on their stories of the Dust Bowl and the Depression. Thank you for sharing your memories. Cherry Kay

D.B. said...

Cherry Kay, you have made my day!!!

Olive Cooper said...

I would show that off in a minute! It is awesome you have a signed copy! hugs♥Olive

From the Kitchen said...

What a treasure! You must show it off every chance you get. I've read it three times now!


pam@pixelimpress said...

wow, what a prized possession!

happy smores time! believe it or not, most SUMMER evenings are smores making weather here near seattle.

Cipriano said...

Wow! That is CRAZY!
I did a real double-take there -- that has got to be a very very cherished possession!
My own favorite [cherished] signed book is Blindness, by Jose Saramago.

Cipriano said...

Wait a minute.... plus I have a signed copy of a book ABOUT Harper Lee.
Her biography, titled Mockingbird, signed by author Charels J. Shields.