Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cloudy Day in Tennessee

Cloudy and rainy days are my favorite!  I know most of you won't understand that but let's just say it takes all kinds.  Here are some photos of the current scenery around Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee!  

Cemetery at Carnton Plantation.

Downtown Franklin.  This one's for Nancy and M.G.  

Monument to the Tennessee Volunteers.

The End.  I'll give you some sunny day shots soon - in smaller doses, I promise.  OR, if we're really lucky, Janie at Southern Lagniappe, will make her way back up here and do the town justice with her amazing photography!


Anita said...

Ok now I don't believe it, lol. I take the kids to the bus in the dark at 6:50. I actually got back in bed this morning then when I got up I noticed it was foggy and rainy here. I was all excited and before I could say a word, my husband said, "I know, this is your favorite kind of day!" It reminds us of Germany, and he did not really like it there because it was raining or snowing every time he was there. The fog lifted before I could get any photos though. Yours are absolutely gorgeous!! Our leaves are just getting so pretty so we are planning to take the kids up on the parkway for some sightseeing this weekend. Enjoy your beautiful day!!

Olive Cooper said...

You are so very interesting. After days of rain I really need some Prozac!

Southern Lady said...

Dana, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and make me long for the backroads of your beautiful state.

Thank you for mentioning Southern Lagniappe, and for your kind words. There's no way I could capture Fall in Tennessee any more beautifully than you did.

Claroscureaux said...

GORGEOUS photos, fall's my favorite time of year.

And I thought I was the only one who liked cloudy, rainy days!

Carol said...

Beautiful fall pictures! I'm headed back to Newport RI this weekend to see the autumn colors.

Anonymous said...

Cloudy is best--I get cranky with too much sun!!

Anonymous said...

I wish the trees were turning more here. They are still mostly a supple shade of green. As for your rainy days, I am with you. I just love a rainy day in with a good book or movie.