Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Celebration

Boy, give a girl some blog love and the next thing you know she's stylin' food and drinking Prosecco!

The plan was to sit out under the trees in my haven I have created and toast the sunset, BUT I do believe it is going to rain and is a tad bit hot and humid for my better half.

And so, the party moves inside to the Bistro.

A little Dave Brubeck on the stereo and we are toasting to:

Our oldest having transportation again!
The middle one starting his Senior year!
The little one starting Kindergarten!

and last but not least,  Laura for giving me a kick-start.  I was going to retire the blog at the one year mark but now, I may be re-thinking that........

Enjoy these last, lingering days of Summer 2010!


Laura said...

You have only just begun Miss Priss.
I can't wait.


Martha said...

I'm glad you're not retiring Ranch Dressing -- it's one of my favs! I am always excited when I see a new post!

And you're my blue and white kindred spirit!

Entertaining Women said...

I'm a neophyte to your blog, but I, too, would be sad to lose you. Glad that you are reconsidering the idea of discontinuing 'ranch dressing.' I think that reading between the lines, I see that you are an overcomer of the highest degree. Your posts bring encouragement to many. Thanks for sharing your latest wine vignette. Cherry Kay

D.B. said...

Thanks girls! The show WILL go on!

Olive Cooper said...

No, do not retire the blog. My little blog has been a slow burn but I really do not mind. I am catching on and there are some things I may not do that others do a lot of. Like maybe give aways...still thinking about those. I just want to have fun. I have made a few really good friends. Your home is lovely and so are you. Please continue to share with us. hugs♥olive