Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue and White Tour

Blue and white is a sickness with me but I know I'm not alone.  Here is a tour of the rooms in The Ranch that house my fetish.  I believe you may remember the entry, WELCOME!

The Front Room is where the newest acquisition resides!

I even have a print of a blue and white plate!

Here's a full view looking from the dining area.  My eldest is not performing chair ballet but rather telling a story with enthusiasm. Please notice the blue and white planter behind his left ear.

This is a bar cabinet I found at the flea market many years ago. The blue and white jar was discovered at the Franklin Antique Mall for a very REASONABLE price!

The Dining Area a.k.a. the other end of the Front Room.

The kitchen is very tiny and definitely efficient.  No matter how small the space, there is always room for blue and white!

Tablescaping the Bistro last winter.

Current mantle display in the Blue Den.  It's a work in progress.

More blue and white in the Blue Den.

And finally, the blue and white display on top of the secretaire.

That's it.  Believe it or not, I don't have any blue and white in the master bedroom - I thought I'd give my husband a break.  Thanks for taking the tour, I hope you enjoyed it.


Anita said...

Ok Dana, you are keeping something from us, lol!! Every little bit you show gets more and more fabulous! I love the wall color in your entry too. Anyway, every vignette is beautiful and elegant!!

Martha said...

You know I love your blue and white and many of the same pieces are also at Linderhof!

Rose H (UK) said...

Beautiful Dana :o) and what a georgeous home you have.
I'm afraid I've got a MUCH worse case of Blue & Whiteitis though! LOL

Laura said...

This post has me hyperventilating-

I want to do a shout out about your blog in a post on my blog-
May I use a photo from your post to do so?

White Spray Paint

It's no big deal if you would rather I didn't.

Entertaining Women said...

Laura, from White Spray Paint, guided me to your lovely blog. You're in quite a large sorority of lovers of blue and white. My husband and I figured out years ago that blue is a color that we both live with well. Your vignettes are beautiful. I particularly appreciate the one on the dining room buffet. Thank you for sharing your charming designs. Cherry Kay

Theresa said...

My friend, Laura at White Spray Paint is bragging on your beautiful post! I agree with her, It is wonderful! LOVE your home!

Enjoy your day!

Kim said...

Wow Laura was right - you do have the touch. I'm so glad she sent me over here.

Cipriano said...

If I ever get exiled from my own country of origin..... basically extradited.... [for false crimes, of course... talk to my lawyer, he's tell ya].... umm -- can I come live at your mansion flowing with milk and ranch dressing?
You have convinced me that I have to call The Molly Maids tomorrow, to come clean my apartment!

The Inspired Nest said...

Is that a navy wall? Ughhh! I wish I had a room to paint navy! I love all your blue and white. You have great style! Thanks for leaving such a nice note on my tablscape. I do think we are on the same wavelenght!