Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Love Is In The Air!

I wanted to present this virtual bouquet to Laura at White Spray Paint.  She has featured MY blog on hers!  How nice is that?  I am just blown away by this.  To my new followers, WELCOME!  To my seasoned followers, please check out Laura's blog.  It's always full of beauty with beautiful and frequently hilarious stories.

Thank you again Laura, you're the best!


Olive Cooper said...

I like your fun spirit and your collections! Will follow. olive♥

p.s. found you b/c of Laura

Sarah said...

I've just popped over from Laura's blog, and here to tell you I'm thrilled I did. I'm now your newest follower. I think I'll be spending some time @ Ranch Dressing. What a clever name!!! ~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

Look at you Miss Popular. Congrats on the blog love.

Bonnie said...

I share your love of blue and white. Found you from Laura's blog and am glad I did. I am a new follower.