Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Say Geesha, I Say Gaysha.....

However you say it, I have long been intrigued with Geishas.  These prints hung in my room as a little girl. They were painted by my mother's best friend in high school,  who died of cancer at a very young age.  I am so proud to have these prints as works of art and as a symbol of their friendship.  I had them re-matted and framed a few years ago because I wanted them preserved forever.

In my younger days I professed a profound dislike of anything Oriental or Old West.  And here I am today, knee-deep in chinoiserie at "The Ranch."  Ain't life funny?  For an excellent read, if you have not already experienced it,  Memoirs of a Geisha.  It is one of my favorite books.  Another MAJOR favorite,  Lonesome Dove.  East meets West, Yin and Yang................opposites attract!

Happy snowy Sunday in July.


Martha said...

Asian abounds at Linderhof and I grew up hating "oriental" anything -- the cheap things made for the American market were not pretty.

DH traveled throughout Asian before I met him and had a great many Asian treasures -- real Asian treasures and my opinion changed.

Your pictures are lovely!

And I think I may have the same vase!

From the Kitchen said...

Ditto! I was not in oriental or western. How things change. I love your geisha paintings--and the connection with the artist make them even more special.

Hope things are well at "the ranch"!!


Anita said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! What wonderful treasures you have with those. I just go in phases. I am not a "pink" person, now I find myself looking for pink and blue Melmac dishes. Who knew. Thanks for stopping by!

Laura said...

What beautiful prints and beautiful, sentimental treasures.
And I love both books too-

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