Friday, July 30, 2010

Seeing is Believing

"You can not know yet, what you see is what you are looking at or what you are believing."

        William Faulkner,   Absalom, Absalom!

This is what I am looking at this sultry, summer evening..........

I'm believing that window is actually a pair of French doors leading out to a columned, weathered porch illuminated by moonlight.  There may even be the soft, sweet scent of Confederate Jasmine wafting, as best it can, through the thick night air.

Bourbon and Branch on the porch, accompanied by some great story telling.  May I just say that both my dad and his mother had an amazing gift for telling a story?  The big, belly laugh they shared was key.

This is some of the bar ware I was able to obtain from last weekend's flea market.  When it's 100 degrees, you don't even have to barter, people just want to sell their stuff and go home! I confess, it's not really Bourbon but iced tea - a Mad Men trick. Personally, Gin and Tonic is the way.  It's like summer in a glass!  Cheers, and try to savor the heat and languid atmosphere. We will have frigid temps and barren landscape before we know it.


Anita said...

Beautiful post Dana! Thanks for the virtual visit to another place. You got some great things. There is nowhere here to go to get a good bargain, so if it's not on ebay, I'll never find it! Hope you are surviving in the heat!

Anita said...

Thanks for stopping by Dana! It was so hot that day when I brought the tea out, the pitcher and the cups fogged up! Looks like we are having another one today. Reminds me when I lived in Georgia. Ugh. Stay cool!!