Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Playing House 1

 Renting The Ranch has been like playing house.  We are definitely in the midst of an interesting life adventure so getting to play house again is a consolation prize.  Design decisions are easier because there's no permanence to them.  Also, limited funding forces you to be more creative and that's always a good thing!  Limited funding also keeps you at home and if you are like me, things begin to move around.............okay, okay, let's say more than usual.

Buffet update:



Sure, I just flip flopped the painting and the mirror and added more blue and white to the buffet BUT I like it better and it kept me occupied and entertained last night.  I still very much want to slip cover those wing backs in a white duck cloth or outdoor fabric (stains) and finish them off with a navy velvet pillow with a monogrammed center panel.  It's in my head, hopefully I can make it a reality.



Tee said...

Oh yes I'm like you - things move around an awful lot here. Your dining room looks beautiful both ways. And I love the paintings and the light fixture in the bistro.

Laura said...

I enjoyed this post so much. Blue and white is my weakness, and it always has been.
I love the change you made- but I especially liked your references to limited funding and staying home.

My mother used to call it 'staying out of stores'.

White Spray Paint

Anita said...

Beautiful, love the buffet with the blue and white! I really like the chairs too. Very elegant! I am definitely trying to be creative with what I have or what I can borrow from my mom!

From the Kitchen said...

I'm wanting to make something like this happen in our permanent bungalow. Paint will help. Imagination would greatly help! Right now it's just too darn hot to think!!


Carol said...

Sometimes a little rearranging does a lot! I love those blue chairs just the way they are!