Friday, July 30, 2010

Again with the Spray Paint!

Meet the Master Bath -

That's pretty much it, folks.  I'm sitting on the sink taking this photo.  Opposite this wall (immediately opposite this wall) is a commode, head-knocker and a teeny sink that butts up against the shower wall.

Obviously, something of weight was hung here prior to our arrival.  I find these scars very offensive.  I finally found a way to cheaply hang my latest art acquisition from Carol at My Painting Room  and get some aqua into the bathroom.

Imagine that, a white flower!  I love this painting of Queen Anne's Lace.  Please check out the rest of Carol's work here.

I had the frame already, a multiple-move survivor.  I can't believe we had an "estate sale"* and then another estate sale and I didn't put it in.  Well, it paid off as the only thing I had to buy to frame this little beauty was a can of spray paint!  O.K. maybe it's tacky to paint the cardboard that comes with the frame but if you squint your eyes, it looks like a really cool textured mat.  Or if you are near-sighted like me, no squinting required!  I would love to hang some lovely aqua fabric to hide the shower door but since there's not a light IN the shower, probably not a great idea.  I shave my legs using the braille method as it is.  Okay, enough whining!  I love it!  It's gorgeous and will be a happy sight to see instead of holes on a vanilla wall.  Happy Friday!

*I realize you usually need to be dead to call it an estate sale but the stuff that made it's way out of the door was not your average garage sale fare.  And may I just say thank you again to Sue, bi-lingual Sarah (boy did that come in handy) and Meredith, on-sight psychologist for holding my hand and making it happen!


Martha said...

Very pretty -- and it seems perfect in that space!

Carol said...

How did I miss this post? Thank you so much for the mention! The aqua mat looks beautiful.