Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sound of Silence

The boys finally go back to school tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong, I love having them home but I'm one of those people that enjoys ALONE TIME.  Tonight my husband treated them to dinner out, which left me time to vacuum up pine needles and put things in order.  I also had the opportunity to make some Ranch Dressing decisions.  Once the front room is painted, a book shelf will be added!  I miss my books being at my fingertips!!!  Word to the wise, don't ever give me a Kindle.  The best thing of all was sitting, for a moment, in silence and looking at some of the things I HAVE accomplished at The Ranch.

See where the desk is?  That's where the bookcase (when I find a deal) will go.  Don't worry, it will all be okay.  

I'm back in the Blue Den with the Little One.  Moment over but that's okay.  I know someday I will long for the clamor and laughs they provide.  Wait, who am I kidding.  By the time the five year old leaves the house, I'll probably be entertaining grandkids! 

Purchasing paint tomorrow, Wheat Grass it is.


Olive Cooper said...

The Ranch is so you and so beautiful. I will never own a Kindle either, love a book and use them all over the house to set things on. They make me smile.

walnutandvine said...

It was so nice of you to visit, have been trying to leave you a comment for a few days but haven't been able to get it to work, hopefully this one will go through.
I think you will really like the wheat grass. The 2 interior designers I worked for painted the focal wall in their shop wheat grass and everyone that came in loved it. It went beautifully with everthing that was staged in front of it.

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Oh Dana, you have so much to be proud of! Beautiful ranch! I know exactly what you mean about rentals. We lucked out too. It's disgusting what's out there. Your grandkids line is my line. I use that one all the time. My kiddos start back to school tomorrow. I'll be cleaning from top to bottom. Happy New Year!

D.B. said...

Thank you, dear ladies!

The Tablescaper said...

Ah, we all need a little alone time, if only to regain our sanity. You have a beautiful home.

- The Tablescaper