Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Vignette

I thought I was over this sort of thing, but I just can't help it - I am compelled to create a seasonal vignette in the Bistro.

My mom always made a big deal out of being Pennsylvania Dutch.  I grew up believing my ancestors came from the land of tulips and windmills.  Turns out, Pennsylvania Dutch means German.  Oh well, I still love tulips and brave little boys who can save the world by sticking their finger in the dam.  By the way, that's my mom's childhood copy of Hans Brinker behind little Sonja!  Sorry so dark, but I shoot when the mood strikes!  

The Front Room is painted.............more later.


Martha said...

I had to laugh -- when I was little I was told that I was Deutch -- I pictured my ancestors as blond braided little girls in crisp white hats with wooden shoes.

Sigh, I learned later than it was Deutch -- German!!!

No blond braided little girls in wooden shoes!!! I was so diappointed -- parents should never do that to a child!!!

E. Charlotte said...

Lovely vignette! The colors go great together! (My family is both German AND Dutch so I have a soft spot for tulips and wooden shoes too) :)

Olive Cooper said...

Yay your painting is done and I will never open a paint can. The Bistro is darling.

walnutandvine said...

It looks like Sunday is arrival time! Tulips have always been one of my favorite flowers. Love your grouping. Glad to hear your painting is done! Am curious to see and hear how you like it!