Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Day at The Ranch

When I arrived home from a shopping trip this afternoon, I had a package.  Inside were my "calling cards."

I am so happy with them.  I ordered them from pixel impress on Etsy.  Pam was great to work with and even enclosed another pixel impress creation as a thank you.  Check her out!

What was the shopping trip all about?  I went to get more herbs and of course ended up at the Franklin Antique Mall instead.  I love a good whim, especially when it is this successful.........

Of course this is going in the Den.  It will look fabulous next those Polo Blue Walls!

I also found this little beauty......

and finally these silver pieces to round it all out.  All this for under $100!

That little trophy will look great full of mint to garnish the juleps at this year's derby party.  You could fill it with sugar cubes for coffee, but it has been my experience that no one drinks coffee at derby parties.


Martha said...

Good finds all -- and all would look good at Linderhof!

pam@pixelimpress said...

thanks dana! so happy you're pleased with your cards. and what great art work. i especially love the flower oil painting. i love finding vintage oils... landscapes and flowers and such.

and my new office (in the home, moving from the dining room to the formal living room) is going to be in chartreuse and purples. i'll blog about it when it's done. hopefully in the next 2 weeks. pam

Anonymous said...

Dana! Your cards are darling!