Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accidental Vignette

As I was sitting on my couch, in the soon to be blue den, I noticed this lovely little vignette.  It was created at random by myself and my 4 year old.  That's his harmonica, or as he says "charmonica."  The strand of fake pearls and earrings are mine.  This is a terrible habit of mine.  Taking my jewelry off wherever I may have happened to settle in for the night.  This is why I lose jewelry.  This is why I own fake pearls and CZ's.


Martha said...

Sometimes those accidental vignettes are "the best"!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've sat something down and lo and behold -- it's a wonderful vignette!

I like it -- the silver, the pearls and the harmonica!

Merisi said...

Sublime! (And then, I cannot imagine you not creating beautiful vignettes as you go!)

I only own a cheap wristwatch because I lose them all the time. My record is a Swatch which I bought and never saw again! I had high hopes of finding it when we moved, but no, it was nowhere to be found. I am still mystified over that one. ;-)