Sunday, January 24, 2010

Square Dance!

Apparently, I am MAD ABOUT PLAID. Since moving into the Ranch in May, 2009, I have consistently chosen plaid fabrics to "dress" it with. This was not planned, it just happens. Did I mention I am prone to themes and obsessive about them? Please take a look at the "Square Dance at the Ranch."

Remember this shot? This is my living room. Note the Spring Green checks on the drapes doing their best to add cheer!

The homemade headboard in the master bedroom.....

In the kitchen..............

Yes, those drapes are taffeta dahling but I have a chandelier in the Breakfast Nook for heaven's sake! It is definitely my girl room in a house of men. Okay, maybe the master bedroom is a little girly, but I did my best with the plaid and chocolate brown wall. You should have seen the original fabric I was thinking about. Very feminine!

And.....more squares to come. This fabric was on sale for $2/yd! I think JD will finally get some drapes. Stay tuned!

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